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We are proud to present a company ZAMET-BUDOWA MASZYN Inc., which is leading polish supplier of machines and equipment for iron & steel and non-ferrous metals industry. It has established strong position on both home and foreign markets, supported by long-years experience in design, production, supply and start-up, of not only a multifarious equipment, but also a complete technological lines. Among this, company offers also guarantee service and post-guarantee service for manufactured machines, but also for machines produced the years before by competitive companies.

Within company structure acts design office, with experienced engineers employed, having necessary experience to develop new machine design, for needs of the company itself, as well as for needs of foreign companies from metallurgy machines and equipment industry.

Having many years implemented Quality Management System based on standard EN ISO 9001:200, over 200 years of experience and very large fabrication potential, successfully competes with producers of similar machines and equipment from allover the world, from other side having cooperation with the same as a sub-supplier, serving with sophisticated machining of particular elements, as well as fabricating a complete units.

Main sectors of activities:

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