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The main target of ZAMET - BUDOWA MASZYN Inc. company is effective fabrication and delivery of machines and equipment, that fully meets our customers requirements, and that fully guaranties their satisfaction. This way we endeavor to gain and to hold an opinion of trusted partner, and also to achieve a significant and permanent position in machinery building and to obtain satisfying economical-financial results.

This goal is executed by the Company Management through:

  • recognizing and satisfying of our customers needs,
  • knowledge and understanding of Quality Policy and Quality Management System by employees taking a part in production process
  • appointing the quality target and systematic survey of its achievement,
  • continuous development of qualification and skills of employees,
  • continuous development of technology and technique levels,
  • using for fabrication only the materials and half-products from suppliers that guarantees to meet our quality requirements,
  • providing the product care also during post-guarantee period
  • continuous improvement of Quality Management System efficiency.

Guarantee of realization the Quality Policy is engagement of Company management to materialize its ideas and functioning in the Company the Quality Management System, complying the conditions of standard EN ISO 9001:2008.