Design Office

ZAMET Budowa Maszyn S.A. operates its own design office, which develops new designs and devices to meet the needs of domestic and international customers

The design office has at its disposal the latest software that supports the digital prototyping and design process.

Areas of design and production include:
– Hydraulic devices and presses for free forging and other accessories and devices;
– Equipment and hammers for die forging;
– Complex technological lines with horizontal presses for extruding copper, bronze and aluminium profiles
– Complex lines for continuous casting of copper and copper alloys;
– Presses for bending thick sheet metal;
– Drawing devices (draw benches, draw drums, and pipe drawing machines);
– Rolling lines with duo, trio, quadro rolling mills
– Pipe rolling lines;
– Straightening devices (profile straighteners, oblique roll pipe straighteners, sheet metal straighteners);
– Shears for cutting profiles, pipes and sheet metal;
– Lines for continuous casting of ingots and pig sows;
– Presses for juice extractors;
– Scrap metal packers;
– Stackers / reclaimer;
– Railway car tipplers;
– Wheel scrapers;

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