Forging hammers

ZAMET Budowa Maszyn S.A. is a Polish manufacturer of forging hammers. Through the years we have designed, manufactured and installed more than 1,200 forging hammers around the world.

ZAMET MPM forging hammers are characterised by long service life. This is ensured by the unique design of the piston rod, the compact and rigid body shape and the precise dual control system of the ram.

Our range includes a diverse multitude of hammer models. We currently manufacture seven types of forging hammers with an strike energy range from 18.4 kJ to 315 kJ. They are powered by steam up to 280°C and compressed air at ambient temperature. Forging hammers ensure high precision of forgings. Hammers of smaller sizes can operate with a strike frequency of up to 120 strikes per minute. Large forging hammers with a working area of 935 x 1100 mm can be used for forging parts weighing up to 85 kg.


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