Hydraulic juice presses

Many years of experience in design, manufacture, major repairs and upgrades enable continuous improvement of juice presses constructed by our company.

ZAMET juice presses can be set individually for any type of fruit or vegetables, depending on product hardness and water content. Our juice presses are powered by a modern hydraulic system, which, combined with the latest generation motors and a variable displacement pump, allow you to precisely control the pressure force.

The latest product for the food industry is the ZAMET 250 MX EcoPlus hydraulic piston basket press. It enables highly efficient extraction of fruit and vegetable juice. The advantage of our press is full process automation, modern design, the ability to adapt the device in the production line, low energy consumption and high yield.

Some of the advantages of ZAMET juice presses:

  • option of running the press in automatic or manual mode.
  • highly effective pressing process.
  • trouble-free, smooth operation and long life
  • sealed pressing system which ensures the purity of the juice and minimises the oxidation of the juice and loss of flavour
  • a large number of drain sopenings to ensure the highest efficiency with low pressing power.
  • the ability to smoothly adjust the pressing force depending on the type and quality of the fruit.
  • smooth starting and stopping of the press chamber rotation
  • the chamber rotation speed can be adjusted
  • all metal parts in contact with the pulp and juice are made of stainless steel
  • press covers made of corrosion resistant materials
  • modern and efficient drive system
  • low energy consumption


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