Hydraulic presses

ZAMET Budowa Maszyn S.A. specializes in the design and production of vertical forging hydraulic presses and horizontal hydraulic presses for extruding profiles.

Vertical forging hydraulic presses are the basic device of the entire line for free forging of ingots.

We manufacture two- and four-column forging presses in push down and pull down version. Hydraulic presses can be equipped with any additional devices supporting the work process, such as rotary table, rotary anvil, mobile rotary cart, anvil storage, forging manipulators. In order to optimize the forging process all devices are integrated and automated.


Horizontal hydraulic presses are used to extrude rods, pipes, shapes and profiles of aluminium and copper alloys.

The shape of the required product is obtained by forcing the ingot material through the die shaping hole. Horizontal hydraulic presses enable the production of items by the forward and backward method with the option of operating with a composite or circular die orifice. Horizontal hydraulic presses are equipped with additional such as ingot induction heaters, devices placing the ingot in the press axis to the recipient sleeve, device separating the product and the remaining ingot from the tool. In addition, hydraulic presses can be equipped with additional devices and mechanisms to meet customer expectations.



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