Industrial machinery

Presses for cutting sheet metal

The product range of ZAMET Budowa Maszyn S.A. includes a press for bending and forming thick steel sheets into a desired shape. The press support frame is made as a welded construction from sheet metal of increased strength. It is driven by four hydraulic cylinders and moves vertically / perpendicular / parallel / in relation to the bottom table of the press. Pressing speed and press force are continuously controlled and smoothly adjusted.

Press dies installed in the upper and lower table of the press are moved and positioned automatically. The control enables synchronous as well as independent displacement of press dies. Electric motors drive the motion of press dies and sensors.

The press is also equipped with a set of four hydraulically lifted rollers in order to enable the transport of pressed sheet metal. Manipulators located on both sides of the press enable loading and travel of the pressed element during shaping. Manipulator motion is hydraulically driven.

Rolling mills and rolling lines

ZAMET Budowa Maszyn S.A. specializes in the production and upgrades of complete rolling lines for rolling various shapes, such as bars, V-profiles, rails, C-profiles, T-profiles, I-profiles, etc. The rolled material moves through a system of profiled cylinders, obtaining the final desired geometry.

Scrap metal packers

Scrap packers are devices for pressing light scrap metal into packages that make it easy to transport and load scrap metal intended for smelting in metallurgical furnaces. Packing machines are hydraulic presses with a three-stage pressing system, equipped with an ejection window. These machines are capable of packing steel sheets, brass, copper and aluminium scrap, occurring e.g. in punching operations as well as in scrap yards and in recycling operations. The machines are adapted to operate outdoors or in buildings, they can be fed using grippers or they can be integrated in production lines together with product feeding and discharging modules.

Wheel scrapers

Wheel scrapers are designed to unload bulk material from the tipper container onto belt conveyors.


Stackers / reclaimers

ZAMET Budowa Maszyn S.A. designs and manufactures stackers and reclaimers These devices are designed to unload bulk materials from a belt conveyor onto a stack, and in the case of stackers and reclaimers, to load bulk materials from a stack onto a conveyor belt.


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