We offer turning, milling, boring, drilling and other services

Our offer also includes gas cutting on automatic and semi-automatic machines , guillotine cutting, rolling, bending, straightening and chamfering of metal sheets.

We use machine of various types: conventional and CNC

  • used for turning: centre lathes, disc lathes, rotary lathes, chucks lathes
  • milling, boring and drilling machines: horizontal, vertical, tool, gate milling machines, drilling and milling machines, drilling machines, table drilling boring and milling machine

We operate many numerically controlled machine tools with special equipment for making specific products. We offer gas cutting of items from 13 mm to 300 mm thick, rolling sheets up to 28 mm thick on rollers, straightening sheets on straightening machines up to 20 mm sheet thickness and sheet width up to 2,000 mm, turning on horizontal lathes with turning diameter from 30 mm to 3,150 mm and turning length up to 15,000 mm and on vertical lathes with turning height up to 4,000 mm and turning diameter up to 11,000 mm. Honing is carried out for internal diameters from 80 mm to 500 mm, while grinding of external diameters up to 1,000 mm.


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